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There are many types of sexual problems, they are common, they happen to both men and women and they can be very distressing.

Problems having sex can bring feelings of shame, apprehension and anxiety. These feelings can make the original sexual problem worse.

Loss of sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, vaginismus and sex or porn addiction are some of the common issues people bring to therapy. These problems manifest themselves differently for each person and the underlying causes of sexual problems may originate anywhere.

Sex is a complex force within us with biological, psychological and emotional components. It’s easy for our sexual health to get derailed.

The digital age has made sexual issues more common

Technology has created a range of new sexual problems.

Easy access to online pornography has led to an increase in people approaching therapy with internet-related sexual addictions, or coming to therapy feeling desensitised towards sex after over-exposure to online adult platforms.

Some social networking sites allow quick access to sexual partners and this has led to sex and intimacy issues developing in some people.

Counselling for sexual problems in Brighton can help

Sex therapy seeks to understand the mechanics of sexual problems and restore better sexual functioning.

Some people find speaking about sex very uncomfortable, and discussing sexual problems can be difficult. An experienced therapist should be able to normalise these conversations from the beginning and most clients are surprised how quickly they overcome their concerns once the anxiety of discussing sex has been alleviated.

It’s talking openly about sexual issues that often brings understanding and awareness of these problems to light.

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We have worked with men, women and couples who are experiencing sex and intimacy issues.

Often, talking about sex and sexual problems is not as difficult as it might seem. Most of our clients get over any initial reservations around discussing sex and sexual issues quite early on.

Our therapists will not judge a person’s sexual choices or experiences. That’s not what we are here for.

For more information or to book a first appointment, please contact us.

To speak with one of our therapists about problems with sex, please get in touch for an initial consultation.

Most people find discussing sex with an experienced therapist to be easier than they first imagined.

Our therapists in Brighton

Not all therapists are trained to work with sexual problems. At your first appointment, we will discuss which of our therapists will be suitable for you.

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Your Questions Answered

We have answered some questions that people often have about beginning therapy. If you have other questions not already on our list, please let us know.

Commonly-asked questions, answered

"I learned a lot about myself and about the relationships I make with other people. I was able to see where I was going wrong and I now make better personal choices. Thank you, again."

"I was able to confront many issues which I had so far chosen to ignore despite their negative effects on my personal relationships and happiness. I would have no hesitation in recommending (One Therapy) to anyone looking to improve their relationships and self-esteem."

My therapist was completely non-judgemental which allowed me to be totally honest in the sessions and say how I was feeling without reservation. I felt comfortable talking with him and it was a really valuable experience that I would thoroughly recommend.

Therapy helped me through a difficult time. I gained so much insight into myself and my life. My first experience of therapy was excellent. I am so grateful to One Therapy for this.

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