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People often have questions about what to expect from therapy. We have put together some commonly-asked questions about therapy, together with our answers.

Finding the right counsellor or psychotherapist is important to most people, and often factors like cost and location of appointments will play a role in deciding when and where to begin counselling.

Some of our clients prefer open-ended personal counselling while others choose short-term therapy for help with a specific problem.

Couples with relationship problems often seek couples counselling, sometimes called marriage counselling or relationship therapy.

What kinds of people go for counselling or psychotherapy?

There is no particular type of person who goes for therapy. Most people find therapy useful. Our clients come from many different backgrounds and come to us for many different reasons. Time spent with an experienced therapist can be very helpful in addressing anxiety, stress, depression, sexual problems, relationship issues, loss and bereavement, problems with addictive behaviours and many other issues. Counselling can be used to discuss any life event or circumstance.

What should I talk about when I meet a therapist?

Discussions in counselling and psychotherapy can be about anything. Our clients may discuss whatever they want to discuss in confidence with a non-judgemental, experienced counsellor or psychotherapist. Some people choose to talk about events from the past while others prefer to focus on whats going on in their lives at the moment. Therapy is open and flexible. You will realise pretty quickly whether therapy is helpful to you or not.

I might want to speak about sensitive issues. Is counselling and psychotherapy confidential?

Discussions in therapy are confidential – and remain between you and your counsellor or psychotherapist. Counselling only works if clients feel safe enough to speak about whatever is on their mind. Confidentiality is paramount.

I want to be honest about my life in therapy. Is counselling and psychotherapy non-judgemental?

Completely. People sometimes find it hard to believe but we do not judge behaviour or individual life experiences, past or present. We respect each client for their personal choices. We wouldn’t be very useful to you if we judged personal experiences or choices. That’s not what were here for.

Why are there different types of therapy?

Different therapies have different ways of addressing problems. Some therapies look at how you think and behave. In bereavement therapy, there would be more emphasis on supporting you through difficult emotions. Psychodynamic counselling looks at your past while other therapies consider the future.

Is counselling painful?

Therapy can be uncomfortable, depending on the issues and emotions that need addressing. We support our clients through many painful emotions. Like going to a gym, in therapy no pain can equal no gain.

I’m concerned about costs. What are your fees?

We feel our fees reflect our extensive training and experience. For a list of our fees, and complete fee information, please visit Our Fees page. Our fees for personal counselling and psychotherapy are based on a sliding scale. In all cases, we attempt to find an affordable fee for each client based on each clients personal ability to pay.

How quickly can I be seen by a counsellor or psychotherapist?

We can usually see new clients within two weeks of initial contact. Wherever possible we attempt to see clients quickly and on days and times that are convenient for them. Appointments are available from morning until late evening, and on weekends. Appointments last 50 minutes.

Can I stop at any time?

You are in complete control of your sessions. You may end counselling whenever you feel necessary and without explanation. When you feel ready to conclude your therapy, please let your counsellor or psychotherapist know.

Can I arrange therapy for a family member or a friend?

Unfortunately, no. A person cannot be ‘sent’ for counselling. Your friend or family member will need to contact us directly.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

It is important that you attend your appointments each week. Please let your therapist know of any appointments you are unable to keep. At one of your first appointments, your therapist will discuss their policy regarding missed or cancelled appointments with you.

We understand that counselling can be a private and very personal experience.
All discussions in counselling are confidential.
Finding the right counsellor or psychotherapist in Brighton is an important first step.

Making a first appointment

Appointments are available Monday to Friday from
8.00 am until 8.00 pm and on Saturday afternoons.
Appointments last 50 minutes.

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There are many styles of therapy and understanding the different types can be confusing. We are trained in a number of different counselling approaches.

How our therapists can help

"I learned a lot about myself and about the relationships I make with other people. I was able to see where I was going wrong and I now make better personal choices. Thank you, again."

"I was able to confront many issues which I had so far chosen to ignore despite their negative effects on my personal relationships and happiness. I would have no hesitation in recommending (One Therapy) to anyone looking to improve their relationships and self-esteem."

My therapist was completely non-judgemental which allowed me to be totally honest in the sessions and say how I was feeling without reservation. I felt comfortable talking with him and it was a really valuable experience that I would thoroughly recommend.

Therapy helped me through a difficult time. I gained so much insight into myself and my life. My first experience of therapy was excellent. I am so grateful to One Therapy for this.

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