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Your right to privacy and confidentiality

Discussions in counselling and psychotherapy are private and confidential. Without confidentiality therapy would not be very effective. Discussions between you and your therapist remain between you and your therapist.

There are a few legal exceptions to our confidentiality policy and these will be discussed with you at your first meeting.

We follow the guidelines set out by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy regarding privacy and confidentiality and we are bound by the BACP’s professional code of ethics.

You personal details are protected

No client information is shared with any third party. Exceptions to this policy are extremely rare and may occur only when necessary to protect the safety of clients or others.

We will not contact your GP without your permission and you are not required to provide your GP details to use our services.

No information is gathered through the use of this website that can identify visitors to the site.

If you have questions about privacy and confidentiality, please call us on 01273 253 001.

Any concerns regarding privacy or confidentiality should be submitted in writing by email to

There is no limit to what can be discussed in counselling and psychotherapy.

Your questions answered

We have put together our answers to some frequently asked questions about what you might expect when beginning counselling or psychotherapy.

Our answers to your questions
One Therapy Brighton

There are specific types of counselling that we have found to be most effective. We attempt to use the type of therapy most suitable for each individual.

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"I learned a lot about myself and about the relationships I make with other people. I was able to see where I was going wrong and I now make better personal choices. Thank you, again."

"I was able to confront many issues which I had so far chosen to ignore despite their negative effects on my personal relationships and happiness. I would have no hesitation in recommending (One Therapy) to anyone looking to improve their relationships and self-esteem."

My therapist was completely non-judgemental which allowed me to be totally honest in the sessions and say how I was feeling without reservation. I felt comfortable talking with him and it was a really valuable experience that I would thoroughly recommend.

Therapy helped me through a difficult time. I gained so much insight into myself and my life. My first experience of therapy was excellent. I am so grateful to One Therapy for this.

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