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Not all therapy is about resolving specific problems and issues. Sometimes our clients use therapy to help with general self-improvement.

In the past, counselling and psychotherapy were used to examine and resolve specific personal issues like anxiety or depression. People would approach a therapist with a specific problem and together the client and therapist would attempt to resolve the issue.

While this is still true in many cases, counselling can also be used to assist with overall self-development.

Some people use therapy as an opportunity to gain self-insight in hope of improving their lives, their relationships or their careers.

Most of us want to improve ourselves, to be the most complete person we can be

The self-help book industry has exploded in the last 30 years as people have attempted to live better lives. These days, books are being replaced by technology. We have apps to help us sleep better, get more exercise, manage our diets, be more confident or be more assertive.

We live in a culture that emphasises confidence, achievement and success. Living up to society’s expectations of us (or our expectations of ourselves) can be difficult. There is often a sense that some aspect of oneself can be better.

Personal self-development can be about anything

Self-development means different things to different people. Some of our clients use therapy to simply understand themselves better. These clients have a curiosity about who they are and how they came to be. They are self-curious and just want to understand more about themselves.

For other people, self-development counselling is about improving an area of life. Some people want to increase their self-confidence or become more comfortable being assertive with other people. Some people have used counselling to build discipline – believing that more discipline will help them be more productive or efficient.

Therapist-assisted self-help instead of going it alone

Therapy can help achieve any self-development goals. Self-development counselling offers an opportunity to gain insight into oneself and make personal gains – not alone, but with the support of a trained and experienced therapist. Goals, if there are any, are agreed and closely monitored along the way.

If you would like help achieving your personal self-development goals, please let us know. Your personal development goals can be about anything. There is no limit to the kinds of issues that can be discussed in therapy.

To speak with one of our therapists, please get in touch.

Successful people are always growing, changing and striving to live better.

A therapist can help motivate and facilitate personal self-development through building confidence and increasing self-awareness.

Our experienced team of therapists

Our therapists support our clients whatever their goals in therapy may be. There is no limit to what can be explored in therapy.

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Your first appointment is a time to discuss your self-development goals and ambitions. Getting starting is sometimes the hardest part.

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"I learned a lot about myself and about the relationships I make with other people. I was able to see where I was going wrong and I now make better personal choices. Thank you, again."

"I was able to confront many issues which I had so far chosen to ignore despite their negative effects on my personal relationships and happiness. I would have no hesitation in recommending (One Therapy) to anyone looking to improve their relationships and self-esteem."

My therapist was completely non-judgemental which allowed me to be totally honest in the sessions and say how I was feeling without reservation. I felt comfortable talking with him and it was a really valuable experience that I would thoroughly recommend.

Therapy helped me through a difficult time. I gained so much insight into myself and my life. My first experience of therapy was excellent. I am so grateful to One Therapy for this.

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