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Most people go through difficult and challenging times at some point. Life is not always easy or straightforward.

Therapy can be very effective in helping sort through life’s challenging moments.

cartoon counselling session with man and womanSome people have experienced trauma in their life and may be living with negative and debilitating thoughts and emotions. Some people feel anxious or depressed, or feel disconnected from friends, family or career. Others sometimes describe a lack of purpose in life and a lack of enjoyment in everyday life.  Some people who approach therapy may have addiction problems, anger issues or may have suffered a recent loss or bereavement. There are many reasons people come to a therapist and there is no limit to what can be discussed in therapy.

Seeking the help of a qualified therapist and counsellor can assist you to explore thoughts and emotions and make sense of why you are thinking and feeling a certain way.

Very often we don’t have someone that we can completely share our innermost thoughts and emotions with. Talking with friends and family can help to a degree, but most of us do not speak frankly and honestly about our deepest feelings with those who are closest to us. Sometimes, talking with a friend or family member can be a barrier to openly discussing issues and problems. This barrier can make you feel more isolated.

Man and women talking in a counselling sessionHaving someone to talk with and confide in, who is there specifically to listen and help you work through issues, is invaluable. Many people feel more comfortable talking to a trained professional therapist who is not connected with their life and is therefore able to listen without judgement or bias.

A trained therapist will have no judgement about you or your life experiences which makes sharing problems and insights easier and more comfortable.  Dedicating time to yourself to help address issues that affect your life is beneficial, as it will give you the time and space you need to work things out.

Therapists are skilled in dealing with and talking about difficult subject matters, so talking to a professional counsellor can make it less awkward to reveal deep-rooted thoughts and feelings.

Working with a therapist can help you to voice and face up to your thoughts and feelings rather than bottling them up inside of you, which may lead to depression, anxiety, stress and illness.  Through talking, you will have the opportunity to reflect and process your feelings and thoughts practically at your own pace, whether you feel anger, grief, sadness, resentment or guilt or any other difficult emotion.

By going through this process with a therapist, you will gain valuable insights into your thoughts and make sense of them. Behaviours can be identified and you will gain self-awareness and clarity that in turn gives you a greater understanding of why you are feeling, thinking and doing what you do. You will be able to recognise and alter any irrational beliefs and change your perspective. Recognition of self-damaging and limiting thought and behaviour patterns can assist you in controlling these problems and learning new coping skills will empower you to take steps forward to make a positive change.

Counselling in Brighton can help bring the pieces together.Counselling can also help you learn new skills for building effective, better relationships as well as develop solutions to issues that have previously overwhelmed or negatively affected you.

Counselling can also promote greater self-esteem and assertiveness, decrease anxiety and depression and give you the ability to set boundaries for you and others.

Our supportive and professional therapists will help you so that’s it easier to cope with issues, equip you with coping strategies when dealing with emotions and crises that arise, and enable you to achieve emotional balance and wellbeing.   Our therapists work together with you, so their collaborative approach ensures that you get the most out of your therapy and, most importantly, helps you find the source of your problems and the courage and strength to face them.

Key benefits of counselling:

  • A good therapist can help you move forward
  • Counselling gives you time and space to work through your problems
  • Therapy helps you gain a different perspective on problems and issues
  • Therapy provides a safe, non-judgemental and respectful environment
  • Counselling can help you regain wellbeing and balance in your life
  • Counselling often makes clients think more clearly and make better decisions
  • Through therapy, clients motivated, confident and assertive
  • Therapy can help with improving and maintaining relationships
  • Counselling helps release your true potential
  • You will know when you’ve found counselling or psychotherapy that’s right for you

We offer counselling and therapy including personal counselling,  couples counselling and we also offer a range of counselling services including anxiety counselling, depression counselling, gay counselling and counselling for loss and bereavement in Brighton.


To find out more about our counselling services or to book your first appointment with one of our therapists please contact us below.

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